Add the WOW Factor with Dynamic Entertainment’s state of the art Ambient Lighting, Custom Monograms, Gobos & Dance Floor Lighting, wedding lighting, and truss lighting. We can change the mood by changing the color of the entire room throughout your event. From Wedding lighting, event lighting to décor lighting, Dynamic Entertainment offers full-service delivery, setup, and tear-down.

  • Pin Spots
  • Room Washes
  • Up Lighting
  • Static and Interactive Lighting
  • Textured Lighting or Pattern Projection
  • Monograms
  • Company Logos
  • Dance Floor Lighting

Create the perfect atmosphere for your guests with the many lighting and décor options from Dynamic Entertainment Productions! Turn any event space into an elegant ballroom, a romantic resort or an upbeat convention center with a combination of lighting, décor and entertainment choices. Dynamic Entertainment Production is Houston’s premiere lighting and décor experts!

Whether you want to see your name in lights, put a spotlight on the wedding cake, or wash the room in the colors of your choice, our light and design expertise can make it happen.

Room Up Lighting

Use lights to coordinate with your wedding reception’s color scheme. Create the perfect ambience for your big day! We use modern LED lighting fixtures that can match whatever colors you require for your big event. Use room up lighting to create columns of light that tie together your design and décor elements! Dynamic Entertainment uses only the highest quality lighting and color palettes for your uplighting needs. We are also energy-conscious and use economical bulbs for our lights. Safety is another concern, so we use LED lighting that is cool to the touch and will not overheat or overpower circuit breakers. Want lights that change speed and colors? Let us program the design you want. Whatever uplighting you desire, we can supply it!

Custom Gobo Monogram

Add a custom projection to your wedding reception! Project your names, an elegant monogram, or custom initials in lights on the dance floor or as a focal point when guests arrive into the room. This is a favorite among our clients and is sure to add a personal touch to your big day! Choose from a variety of designs or have us customize it for you.

Intelligent Lighting

Want to create a party atmosphere? Intelligent lighting is the way to go! Transform any space into a nightclub or concert venue with our lights that change the patterns, speeds and colors. Add a spotlight or two, to capture those key moments. Dance floor lighting is perfect for any occasion!

Pin Spotting

Make a dramatic effect of your centerpiece, wedding cake or other focal point of your choice. These special focal points will pop with our pin spots! Pin spots are the perfect way to make a statement while still using dimmed lighting for your wedding reception or other special occasion.

Color Wash

Illuminate your event area in brilliant colors with color washing! Unlike uplighting, which creates columns of light up the walls of your space, color washing bathes the room in the colors of your choice. Blanket the dance floor, ceiling or a select area with your color selection to create just the atmosphere you want for your event.

Pattern Projection

Pattern projections are a delightful wedding décor option for The Woodlands area wedding receptions. You can totally transform the plain outdoor tent into a beautiful reception facility! Choose virtually any design and project it at your event in white or colored lights! From themed patterns to innovative, edgy designs, pattern projections are a fresh way to tie your décor together with lighting! Virtually any event can use pattern projections as part of its theme! Whether you are planning a corporate event, a school dance or a wedding reception, using pattern projections is a great way to please the eyes and complete the look for your event!

Dancing Under the Stars

Have you always dreamed of dancing underneath the stars, but your reception is indoors? Our projector produces a relaxing ambience with stars slowly rotating throughout the galaxy. You can only get this high-quality effect with Dynamic Entertainment Productions. This will have your guests oohing and awing over the look of your wedding reception!

Want more?

We can create a galaxy of stars that rotate in very slow motion with a blue hue for a very romantic “Star, Starry Night.”