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A Houston DJ, How to Hire the right Houston DJ for your event.

A Houston DJ

How to Hire the right Houston DJ for your event.

Who is a DJ?

A DJ, short for Disc jockey, will play and or mix recorded music for radio or a live audience.  They will use a variety of equipment depending on their audience and the type of DJ they are.  Some of the equipment a Houston DJ use are turntables, mixers, headphones, powered speakers, wireless microphones, lighting effects, computers and professional mixing software.

There are actually three different types of DJs:

The Radio DJ – They work at the radio stations broadcasting music tracks and providing links between tracks.  So in between the music he/she, a Houston DJ would take care of things such as report the news, weather and traffic and also do interviews.   They use their personality and improvisation to keep a captive audience and must work with a tight timing schedule.

Club DJs – They will mix music and use other techniques to create a performance for a dance environment.  They must play music within the venue’s policy and also their clientele.  To keep a full dance floor, they might use some of these techniques:

Club DJ

Club DJ

pitch control; scratching; cross fading; drop and MP3 mixing;  effects processing; sampling and sequencing;  beat matching and juggling.

Mobile DJs  – Are DJs who bring all the necessary equipment including speakers, mixers, vinyl, CDs or Computers to an event. The events are usually private events such as weddings, birthday party, corporate and other social events.  They try to create a fun atmosphere by being the Master of Ceremonies (MC).  Most are self employed and required to market themselves.

Hours and Environment –

DJs work irregular and varied hours depending on their time slot, for example a club DJ will often worklate in the evening and  into the early hours of the morning or a radio DJ may work an early morning shift for the morning show.  DJs are likely to spend some time preparing a play list, setting up equipment and traveling to venues.

The working environment will differ.  Mobile DJs might work at Reception Halls, Clubs, Public Buildings, and or outdoors.  Radio DJs get to work in air-conditioned studios or occasionally at outdoor events, whereas a Club DJs usually work in hot, loud and smoky environments.
Some DJs work on a part-time or casual basis combining DJing with another source of income.

Skills and Interests

To be a Houston DJ, you should:

· have a keen and well-developed interest in music
· be technically competent with your equipment
· have a confident and outgoing personality
· have some understanding of sound engineering and music     technology
· be a clear and articulate communicator, particularly for radio or hosting events
· have a good sense of rhythm
· be creative and enthusiastic about music
· have good timing and co-ordination
· have good business skills
· be able to work calmly under pressure and organize your own workload.


There is no set career route and or formal qualifications for a Houston DJ and or Houston DJ.  However, commercial radio does have it’s own standards for recruitment and may require a good education, especially in English along with great voice quality and other attributes.

Entry differs depending on whether a Houston DJ works for an employer like a radio station, or is self-employed. It is important that prospective DJs can demonstrate their skills and knowledge of a particular area of music, technical equipment and DJing techniques. Freelance DJs will need to promote themselves as a business by, for example, designing a business plan and promotional information, etc.


For radio DJs, training in music production, broadcasting and media can be helpfu.  Courses are available at various levels including City & Guilds (7500) or (7790) levels 2 and 3 in Media Techniques (Radio).  There are also short vocational courses in radio, MIDI or digital audio technology, such as Cubase, Logic or Wavelab.

For club DJs, training is available in DJing techniques. You can find club DJ Courses online for classes in your area.

For a mobile Houston DJ, no certain training is required, however they have plenty of sources to learn.  The better Houston DJ will become a member the American DJ Association (ADJA), N.A.M.E., WED Guild, etc.  They can also improve their skills by taking Master of Ceremony (MC) workshops, attending seminars and more.

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Dynamic Entertainment Productions

Lisa Wallrath, owner & Entertainment Specialist of Dynamic Entertainment Productions has been Rated as the #1 Female DJ in Houston Since 1990. After her own wedding, she realized how important a DJ’s role is in planning and coordinating not just the wedding, but the entire reception. Having a strong background in music and a love of working with people, she found her calling in the DJ entertainment industry. She also worked with her mom, Sandy Oliger, owner of Balloon Effects, Inc. Lisa went to IBAC (International Balloon Convention) yearly and also achieved her CBA (Certified Balloon Artist) degree in 2000. Incorporating her talents as a dj, master of ceremonies and balloon artist, Lisa offers many options to make each event unique and fun. Her goal and top priority is to make event planning easier for her clients and to ensure that every guest has an absolutely great time. She goes above and beyond to guarantee total satisfaction from weddings and parties in Houston, The Woodlands and surrounding areas. Lisa Believes in continuing to grow by attending seminars, workshops, and conventions, staying on the cutting-edge of the Entertainment Industry. Call us to schedule your next event. 281 358-0584

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